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A new beginning (or new new)

A Paragraph-long Preamble

The past is the road I’ve traveled to get, and a reboot should never delete that. Regardless of whether one wants to change their path, or does not like the road so far, all the more reason not to just remove it.
I’ve seen way too many approaches that want to ensure a past they are not happy is just gone, but that is not how it works.
Without learning from mistakes there’s no path forward, there are only more mistakes to be made, often the very same.


The not so long but perhaps not necessary preamble was to explain why I am not going to delete or change anything that has accrued here over the past dozen years or so, but I am also going to considerably change what this space is about and how I’m tending to it in the future.
Going forward there will be some loose area of interest I will talk about: Thoughts and ramblings, Tech, Marketing, Gaming if there’s something relevant, and I will be sharing more things, because why not.
The purpose is to organize and share thoughts, ideas and whatever else I find interesting, with something here and there that may even be helpful to others.
Over the years I have changed, this space does not reflect my current self, and has not for a long while, so it’s time to make an effort to change it.

My point

I will also not post anything relevant on “social media”, because posting anything on platforms owned by multinational web conglomerates is just unpleasant, but this is better discussed elsewhere.
This blog is however federated and activitypub’d, so it can be followed, commented and whatever else is possible, I will explore that at some point, maybe.
The purpose is that I want a place of my own where I can write whatever I want, some of it useful, some less, some just ramblings because those are useful too, sometimes.
I do plan on producing more content this year, and we will see whether this is just one of those attempts that dies before the month is over.

So, to a new beginning, like Star Wars, and hopefully it won’t turn to shit, unlike Star Wars.



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