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Hand-drawn stick figure designer with a sketchy broken website.

It’s so new it makes me want to renew a new new

I’ve been wanting to play with design bits for a long while now, thanks in major part to the great design course by Jack McDade but I did not have the time to do any of it, and ideas kept being added in the backlog.

I probably used the course to learn all the wrong things, but that’s still a learning experience, in my book.

So… I decided to play with some GSAP and CSS in here, since I can do whatever I want without anyone getting upset at the results.

The result is impressive, in a weird manner, but it was fun and I did learn quite a few things.

It’s weird nowadays. I don’t think one can be a web designer without understanding coding, and one can’t be a front-end developer without being a designer. It seems like knowing a bit of everything is the solid foundation needed to excel at any of those tasks, otherwise there are things sorely missing in the end result.

There’s so much back and forth that if two distinct people do the respective part of the task, they won’t know about certain possibilities and the result is just not going to be as good as somebody who’s versed in both parts.

Looks like my habit of having dozens of hats is useful.

Hand-drawn stick figure designer with a sketchy broken website.


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