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Many posts are quite old, I do not have a set schedule and I write about anything I wish. It results in something a bit.. weird. To read things that are so old that I can hardly recognize them as mine, that's something.

  • It’s so new it makes me want to renew a

    I've been wanting to play with design bits for a long while now, thanks in major part to the great…


    Hand-drawn stick figure designer with a sketchy broken website.
  • A new beginning (or new new)

    A Paragraph-long Preamble The past is the road I've traveled to get, and a reboot should never delete that. Regardless…


  • It’s not for everyone.

    For the past couple of years, people have somehow convinced themselves that anything should be for everyone, and specifically, for…


  • The fictitious importance of Locality

    The age of locality is not over yet, and that is an extremely sad realization. Back when it did not…


    hatred out of nothing
  • Pain Points

    Habits, objectives and life-changing and fulfilling dreams are often blocked by Pain Points. It can border silliness, but they often…


  • A Beautiful Baggage

    Sometimes I remember I do have my own place where I can write whatever I want. It's nice, these days.…


  • The Fearful Superhuman Complex

    CoVid-19 is currently making a sweep all around the globe, with some countries currently more affected than others, that's a…


  • Warcraft 3: Reforged — or rather, shattered

    Activision has been hard at work (or hardly working?) on his new low-cost high-profit expectation operation, after the smashing success…


  • My Unwillingness to Play by the Forget Assumption

    I have talked a few times about some companies' drive for pure greed without any blatant form of respect towards…