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A Beautiful Baggage

Sometimes I remember I do have my own place where I can write whatever I want. It’s nice, these days. One controversial word on privately-owned social networks and there’s an army of people telling you what you’re supposed to think, if you don’t get banned straight away. Funny how that works.

Anyway, a great deal of years have passed and with it, thorough change and, hopefully, growth.

Meaning that I’d like to use this space differently, and perhaps moreoftenly, which is not a word, but you cannot stop me from writing it, although it is my belief that it should be elected to become a word, it just pairs so well.

I will probably redo the layout at some point, and reflect my current person, in what I do, what I work on, what I do on my spare time. Things change considerably over time, who’d have thought.

About baggages, however, there’s no shame in having them, and it’s all the more useful to remember them: if you’ve done something stupid in the past, which you now recognize and own up to, then it means you’ve grown, it should not be something to be ashamed of.

I mean, if it was illegal you’d probably not want to make it known at this point, but yeah, I digress, and owning up to the baggage means accepting there are some consequences we have to live with.

If you’re not ashamed, then I hope it’s a great baggage, otherwise it’s kinda sad and leads to a what we owe to ourselves kinda discussion.

No point in hiding baggages, and no point in attacking them either. It’s quite cowardly, but then again, that fits the modus operandi of those attacking them.

Which is why I am simply adapting this space to my current person, but I will also leave all the senseless posts that in a way are part of the past.



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