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Dreaming the Unappreciated Dream

I do have the weirdest dreams at times.It just so happens I haven’t been able to forget this particular one, although it’s been a couple weeks ago.I find myself at the bank, talking to this guy. I am carrying a backpack, a messenger bag and another bag, for some reason, though I never have more than one bag/pack with me, so that felt.. strange.Anyway! I don’t recall the talk to the guy but I became increasingly frustrated by his inability to comprehend my basic request, whatever that was. So he asks me to move aside to a place with chairs, and we move and talk. I notice the queue and eventually get my request accepted (apparently I wanted to get some money, but.. I would’ve just used the ATM, dreams are strange). However, the bag I had with me wasn’t there, I had left it at the counter and it was gone.Oh noes! I looked around while considering what kind of deficiency I could have to leave it there, but alas, I couldn’t find it nor the person with it. I get out of the bank and am in.. a central market, wut? Anyway! I roam the place and nooooothing, obviously.It so happens that my laptop was in there (why would I ever leave the bag alone in the first place, I’ll never know. Dreaming me is very stupid.).What’s the take then? I woke up, spent a few seconds considering the information at my disposal and prodded at the memory I just had from the dream. And.. I smiled, because it was a dream and wasn’t thus real! Sometimes, reality is better than what you were dreaming. It actually sets the day up with a positive mood.

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