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Fishing is love, fishing is life.

It had come to a point where I would play Final Fantasy XIV only during raid time, and while it was fun enough, learning patterns is excruciating and painful.

Then I discovered Fishing and my life changed.

Fishing is love, fishing is life.

Within 2 days I was 50 FSH and I catched up on 2-3 TV Shows. Days went by and I am now catching up on many series, while at the same time I can enjoy the absolutely beautiful and stunning scenary and the PAINFUL RNG. They’re a perfect match and I can also do other stuff while fishing, making it the best semi-idle activity ever.

Fishing is love, fishing is life.

Now I can challenge the real FFXIV Endgame: Fishing. Big fishes, RNG everywhere, Moochception, it’s all there to make it the most painful and exciting experience ever conceived in any MMO. I am so glad I found it!

I’m not even kidding. It’s both painful RNG and a relaxing activity at the same time. I actually like it a lot, except when people spamming Holy get close to me and they rob me of my hearing. THAT is bad pain. Fishing is good pain.

Fishing is love, fishing is life.

And of course, getting Culinary to 50 only adds to the experience, with the extremely random and worthless fish desynthesis!

As for the scene, well, I believe these pics should explain how beautiful it actually is.



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