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League of Legends technical analysis: I beg to differ

It’s MLG, I’m watching League of Legends games, and after these games, you can see Montecristo’s "weather forecast", where he attempts to analyze pointless situations (as in, games were pretty much over by then). And I talk to some friends of mines about games.

Anywhere else instead, nobody even attempts to analyze, they give any fault to picks, to "OP" champions, whereas most of the time that has nothing to do with what happens during the game.

As they would say in Starcraft 2, you don’t lose the game when you lose your army to a fight, you most likely lost it much earlier than that, but you don’t even realize it. The same happens in lol, and while picks weigh heavily, they’re not necessarily what causes you to win or lose a game.  I’m just so very annoyed to see people blaming "op" or "up" picks instead of actually analyzing what has happened, what really caused you to lose. The blame game that causes riot to randomly nerf and buff is just.. annoying.

I see lots of synergic and technical thoughts in team picks in dota2 games, and I see lots of thought on builds in starcraft 2, but I rarely see that in lol. Picks and bans, except perhaps asian teams, are always more towards the cool pick of the month, or sometimes they have a vague general strategy. Maybe that’s why asian teams are currently slapping every non-asian team (except perhaps M5 and to a certain extent CLG.EU). Other than spending a lot of time training, I believe they apply the same synergic reasoning and thoughts towards the team strategy.

Of course there are champions stronger than others, but they always have to fall within a certain team strategy. You can’t pick "OP JAYCE" and put him into a bad composition for him. It may work against lesser teams, but against a team that applies a team-driven strategy and plays as such, it won’t work just cause of his raw strengths. It’s not SoloQueue.

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