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LoL Elo Journal Day 2

Was busy throughout the whole day, so rather than day 2, it’s night 2 and day 3 but ohwell, let’s get on with it.

Wasn’t really that much of a good run. It got better with a couple wins in a row at the end. Now there’s maintenance in a while, doubt I’ll get any more games in before then.

From now on, if I don’t get one of the three roles I’m barely decent at, I’ll just dodge. Chances of others carrying or at least being even in a lane are already slim as it is, so until I get to a higher elo, I trust myself more than others. I always am amongst the highest farmers, I don’t die much (unless I’m doing something I’m bad at and my team is just as bad) and I guess I perform decent enough in top, mid and ad.

Oh, started playing Max Payne 3. It’s quite fun.

Starting Elo: 1442

End Elo: 1465 (+26)

 wins 5  losses 4

Game #1

So.. was either GP, Xin Zhao or Rumble top, I picked Yorick just to be sure. I won my lane allright, died twice to dives ‘n such of ganks, but what can you do? Still, had more kills and farm than rumble, but.. every other lane lost, and lost hard. So yeah, they poked us and won. I don’t see how I could’ve avoided to lose this game, ever. Xin basically had to camp me anyway, for any gank at any lane, he ganked 2x top, so what more? nothing, it happens I guess.

It was: Yorick, Lux, Amumu, Caitlyn, Leona vs Gangplank, Graves, Rumble, Xin Zhao (jungle), Taric

Champ: Yorick top

My result: 5/5/3 9.2k 173cs @ 36:37

tl;dr : Won my lane, got jungler to gank me often to relieve pressure elsewhere, they still got stomped and so we lost.

Elo: 1422 (-20)


Game #2

I had to insist in getting top rather than support. They didn’t pick top yet, so I just went with Irelia. They counterpicked with Garen, which gives a hard time, though it’s manageable. Our jungler ganked early and we killed him, but I died also. I suffered a bit cause he zoned me at his turret for a while, and I died when 4 people came top out of nowhere. At the end of laning phase I was 0/3/1, but when teamfights began I was actually decent enough at focusing and positioning, I was able to catch up and kill them all multiple times. Built an early warmog after my first unofficial quadra in order to stay alive, finished zephyr-triforce after.

It was: Irelia, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Blitzcrank (jungle), Caitlyn vs Garen, Ahri, Nidalee (support), Cho’Gath, Ezreal

Champ: Irelia top

My result: 9/3/6 12.9k 147cs @ 34:17

tl;dr : Lost my lane for multiple reasons, had good teamfights, killed them, won the game.

Elo: 1442 (+20)


Game #3

Welp, I figure once in a while I can support. He asked for nunu, I took nunu. We had 2 AD bot, graves and ezreal, and for a lot of reasons, we lost our lane. I am admittedly bad at playing support, but we did not lose for this reason. Every other lane lost aswell and they stomped us. That’s why I don’t play support.

It was: Nunu, Draven, Master Yi (ap mid), Pantheon, Mundo vs Ezreal, Katarina, Amumu, Darius, Graves

Champ: Nunu support bot

My result: 1/7/6 5.5k 15cs @ 29:13

tl;dr : Every lane lost, not really my fault, and that’s why I don’t play support

Elo: 1425 (-17)


Game #4

Got shen! but cho was afk from the beginning. So yeah, lost.

It was:  cho afk.

Champ: Shen top

My result: 2/1/0 3.7k 57cs @ 16:56

tl;dr : Cho afk.

Elo: 1406 (-19)


Game #5

Got ezreal, got a nice taric. had some trouble at the very beginning against caitlyn+soraka, but I took ignite and we secured some kills. Kassadin eventually got fed and well, we all snowballed.

It was:  Ezreal, Kassadin, Taric, Jayce, Lee Sin vs Ahri, Zed, Caitlyn, Soraka, Nocturne

Champ: Ezreal Ad bot

My result: 7/3/17 12.7k 197cs @ 31:19

tl;dr : We all snowballed and won easily

Elo: 1426 (+20)


Game #6

Last pick, had to jungle, every lane lost, I helped, got some assists, but they invaded etc, got stomped all the way. Meh, note: dodge rather than jungling, I’d rather lane. I’m simply no good at jungling, and I never get any teammates good at laning, so..

It was:  Nautilus, Riven, Ryze, Vayne, Sona vs Garen, Lee sin (support), Maokai, Sivir, Master Yi(AP mid)

Champ: Nautilus Jungle

My result: 0/8/5 meh

tl;dr : People died like idiots and I still had to try and tank, thus died a ton.

Elo: 1411 (-15)


Game #7

They wanted me to jungle, but I managed to convince them to let me AD. They’d picked Sivir already, but it worked well enough and we won our lane, plus all others. Stomped etc.

It was:  Sivir, Master Yi (AP Mid), Nocturne, Jax, Leona vs Warwick, Darius, Kassadin, Lulu, Graves

Champ: Sivir Ad bot

My result: 3/0/5 6.8k 121cs 20:20

tl;dr : Won every lane, stomped

Elo: 1431 (+20)


Game #8

Was first pick, got Ezreal, had a rough beginning, we all did, but we managed to step it up and stomp them. Cleanse against ashe-nunu helped a lot, especially for nunu’s debuff.

It was:  Ezreal, Taric, Orianna, Nidalee (AD), Hecarim vs Nunu, Olaf, Cho’Gath (mid), Maokai, Ashe

Champ: Ezreal Ad bot

My result: 14/4/13 12.7k 173cs 30:28

tl;dr : Pulled through, won lanes, good positioning

Elo: 1446 (+15)


Game #9

Had to mid, I wanted Katarina but they got her, so I went for Kennen instead. Haven’t used it for months, but I used to use him a lot, so still felt comfortable. Managed to grab a 1v1 kill early on as she went for me for some reason, taking too many turret shots, and I snowballed ever since. I followed wherever she would gank and we were always able to turn it. She got a penta, but it didn’t matter, as those were the only kills she got, due to a mistake when we engaged. Solid enough game, couple mistakes here and there.

It was:  Kennen, Ashe, Lee Sin, Wukong, Leona vs Cho’Gath, Riven, Katarina, Taric, Corki

Champ: Kennen Mid

My result: 7/1/12 12.7k 197cs 37:07

tl;dr : won against katarina, good teamfights

Elo: 1465 (+19)



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