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LoL Elo Journal Day 3

Here it goes, new patch, not much changed, except RIP flask first item :'(

Took a break after 7th game. Actually, rather than a day 3, it’s more like 2-3 days combined, but yeah, I don’t even know how I’m making the "day" division, lol.

Started to stream, as it seems I’m finally able to. Not best quality, nor am I the best player, but still:

Starting Elo: 1465

End Elo: 1494 (+39)

 wins 7  losses 5

On another note, Rammus FP locking with Teleport – Flash, people are obviously surprised, he flips out, says he’s gonna troll, picks revive and goes afk. Gotta love people!

Game #1

Got to go top, had Irelia against. I knew it was gonna be hard, as Irelia hits hard and people say Olaf is a counter, but he’s not. He’s able to win, but the lane can also snowball against him. We killed her once during a gank, I died with dives, 4 people etc, but kept my farm up, got warmog’s, brutalizer, etc and was able to be useful in teamfights and helpful for our very good kennen mid

It was: Olaf, Jax, Ezreal, Kennen, Nunu vs Garen (support lol), Nautilus, Irelia, Caitlyn, Gragas

Champ: Olaf top

My result: 8/3/16 13.6k 196cs @ 39:20

tl;dr : Hard lane, didn’t lose (nor win) it, killed irelia with help from mid-jungle and was useful in teamfights

Elo: 1482 (+17)


Game #2

Got to go top, got Jax against rengar. Thought it’d be easy, but it was actually hard, also because due to many ganks I had to leave lane many times, so I was behind in farm and levels. Got some kills though, but still, behind. Didn’t matter though, bot lane got smashed and stomped, taric went afk. Need aggressive when Rengar uses his cooldowns, or it’s a free trade for him, without going all-in, if possible.

It was: Jax, Taric, Ezreal, Maokai, Jayce vs Xin Zhao, Rengar, Cho’Gath (mid), Tristana, Blitzcrank

Champ: Jax top

My result: 2/3/1 5k 93cs @ 20:24

tl;dr : Hard lane, rest of the team got stomped

Elo: 1464 (-18)


Game #3

Went top, got singed, and they got teemo! Amazingly, I didn’t lose my lane! Always close in farm, I got my items and did good. Except my team mates always got caught before fights, so yeah, bad bad teamfights, horrible game.

It was: Singed, Katarina, Janna, Lee Sin, Ezreal vs Lux, Teemo, Leona, Sivir, Darius

Champ: Singed top

My result: 2/4/11 13.6k 286cs @ 48:21

tl;dr : Hard lane, didn’t lose, but my team couldn’t teamfight

Elo: 1447 (-17)


Game #4

Went Katarina top! And got smacked down hard by Wukong, was behind by the beginning as they invaded our blue, and lost 2 levels just by going back. It was downhill from there, lost lane REALLY hard. But! I was useful enough in teamfights, always managed to deal good damage and get resets, so it pulled me back into the game well enough.

It was: Katarina, Ezreal, Lux, Zyra, Nautilus vs Wukong, Nocturne, Tristana, Blitzcrank, Lee Sin

Champ: Katarina top

My result: 6/10/10 17.4k 253cs @ 1:03:54

tl;dr : Lost lane really hard, but was useful in teamfights, managed to somehow grab a win

Elo: 1464 (+17)


Game #5

Took yorick top, had to move 2 lanes to help them not lose, yet they still lost and fed all game long :\ meh

It was: Yorick, Lee Sin, Taric, Corki, Ahri vs Wukong (jungle), Nidalee, Ezreal, Sona, Darius

Champ: Yorick top

My result: 4/4/2 6k 98cs @ 24:00

tl;dr : I was ok, everyone else died and fed

Elo: 1444 (-20)


Game #6

Took garen! wanted against akali, but got evelynn. Easy enough anyway. We all kinda stomped

It was: Garen, Swain, Rengar, Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune vs Ezreal, Evelynn, Taric, Shyvana, Akali

Champ: Garen top

My result: 6/0/3 10.2k 214cs @ 28:07

tl;dr : Stomp

Elo: 1464 (+20)


Game #7

Took miss fortune, team fed, they died, I couldn’t carry. Tried, but couldn’t

It was: Miss Fortune, Sona, Cho’Gath, Shen, Riven vs Katarina, Singed, Malphite, Ezreal, Nidalee

Champ: Miss Fortune  ad

My result: 6/4/10 13.1k 258cs @ 39:33

tl;dr : Stomped

Elo: 1446 (-18)

Game #8

Could grab Sivir, but was really hard as sivir – blitz against Caitlyn – Nunu, we lost lane really hard, but the rest of the team was good and I could be ok in fights, was able to farm somewhat decent nonetheless

It was: Sivir, Lee Sin (mid), Jarvan (top), Vi, Blitzcrank vs Pantheon (mid), Caitlyn, Mordekaiser (jungle), Nunu, Jax

Champ: Sivir  ad

My result: 5/4/11 11.4k 186cs @ 33:58

tl;dr : Lost lane badly enough, but team was okay and we had teamfights

Elo: 1464 (+18)


Game #9

Got ezreal, wasn’t as stellar as I thought it would be, mostly because Syndra ganked when we were still lv1. We survived, mind you, but still, it set us back and she kept harassing along with Lulu and Varus. Seriously, I was hella pissed off. Still, managed to farm through it, was eventually able to just smack them down and we won the game cause other lanes were doing ok aswell. Lesson: NEVER NEVER back somebody up. Let them die, don’t go die in their stead.

It was: Ezreal, Maokai, Zed, Teemo, Taric vs Elise, Syndra, Garen, Varus, Lulu

Champ: Ezreal  ad

My result: 4/3/11 12k 220cs @ 33:51

tl;dr : Hard lane especially with early gank, survived, farmed, got through by mid game

Elo: 1479 (+15)


Game #10

Got Vayne and was really worried because it was against Caitlyn – Nunu. Yet, I was able to outfarm her throughout the game, until the end because well, we lost. It was an okay laning phase, except people started to roam and while our top didn’t, so we ended up losing. Our jungler couldn’t smite a drake, and we began to lose ground little by little, until we were 2shot by kha’zix or poppy and the whole team was unable to protect anyone or engage or well.. anything.

It was: Vayne, Lulu, Evelynn, Yorick, Anivia vs Nunu, Kha’Zix, Maokai, Poppy, Caitlyn

Champ: Vayne  ad

My result: 3/5/5 8.7k 180cs @ 33:45

tl;dr : Hard lane but could keep up with farm, poppy and kha’zix farmed and got fed, so w had no chance because our team couldn’t counter that.

Elo: 1461 (-18)

Game #11

Got Graves this time, against Twitch. It was hard at first, but eventually our burst was so huge they couldn’t directly engaged. Team was ok aswell, and we proceeded slowly to win.

It was: Graves, Kayle, Zed (jungle), Ahri, Taric vs Lee Sin, Twitch, Nunu, Twisted Fate, Malphite (top)

Champ: Graves  ad

My result: 9/2/8 15.6k 248cs @ 40.06

tl;dr : Hard for the first few levels, we were eventually stronger and could push the lane

Elo: 1476 (+15)


Game #12

they wanted me to Darius top, blindly, and I did. I got a Master Yi against me, with exhaust. First couple levels it was brutal, as I was pushed and he’d make use of his Q to harass sooo much, it was annoying. But we had a good jungler, and seeing as he’d constantly push without wards, he ganked twice, I got 2 kills, and well, lane was won. He couldn’t come close ever again, obviously. Other lanes won too, bot cause taric arrived late as he was dc’d, but not just that. Good team.

It was: Darius, Kayle, Nunu (jungle), Graves, Nami vs Hecarim, Master yi (top), Ahri, Miss Fortune, Taric

Champ: Darius  top

My result: 7/3/10 10.7k 163cs @ 29.02

tl;dr : Hard for the first few levels, got good ganks, won lane, won game

Elo: 1494 (+18)



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