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LoL Elo Journal Day 4

It’s been so long! Where’s my elo?

Starting Elo: 1494

End Elo: 1508 (+14)

 wins 7  losses 4

3 wins = +16 elo, nice math. The initial losses hurt a lot more than they should have. Did some meh games myself, but I guess it can’t be helped. I don’t know what day this was really, I just wrapped up some games and decided to call it. I guess more than a daily I’ll just post until I have more elo than I previously did, which apparently takes quite a lot.


Game #1

Was able to get 2 kills at the beginning, but Leona started all-in randomly and had me die everytime. His team-mate was Ahri mid, and fed all game long, every lane, everyone. It was pretty much unwinnable, sadly. To note: I’m not that good at Graves, mostly the W usage. Still, I couldn’t have carried this no matter what.

It was: Graves, Xin Zhao, Ahri, Jarvan Iv, Leona vs Taric, Kayle, Ryze, Twitch, Lee Sin

Champ: Graves bot

My result: 4/8/8 10.1k 191cs @ 34:13

tl;dr : Hard lane, didn’t lose (nor win) it, killed irelia with help from mid-jungle and was useful in teamfights

Elo: 1476 (-18)

Game #2

Got Caitlyn Nunu against Ezreal Sona. Our Nunu was bad though, he’d Ice shard Sona rather than Ezreal, and it made us lose duels and the lane. I could still outfarm Ezreal, I was useful in teamfights, but our Singed fed the whole game, teleported away from baron giving it for free, etc. Nothing to do

It was: Caitlyn, Singed, Twisted Fate, Nunu, Xin Zhao (jungle) vs Sona, Lux, Ezreal, Rengar, Vladimir

Champ: Caitlyn bot

My result: 7/7/11 14.5k 267cs @ 43:06

tl;dr : Bad support, they won lane and every other lane. I kept my farm up but wasn’t enough.

Elo: 1459 (-17)

Game #3

Got Graves, they picked Miss Fortune – Taric, our Sona suicided and since then bot went downhill.  I kept up in farm, but MF got fed, our top Kayle smashed but then started suiciding and well, nothing to do, we lost. I probably shouldn’t have picked Graves, but still, wouldn’t have mattered. Had to play defensive, my support didn’t, and I couldn’t kill mf 2v2 with taric, no chance in ever happening. From my point of view, I did what I could. Got caught once by a micromanagement mistake of mine, but it didn’t matter, it wasn’t an early kill nor did it grant them any objective.

It was: Graves, Kayle, Twisted Fate, Sona, Sejuani vs Renekton, Morgana, Taric (jungle), Miss Fortune

Champ: Graves bot

My result: 1/4/5 9.1k 199cs @ 31:56

tl;dr : Bad support, they stomped our lane and it was enough for them to win the game

Elo: 1441 (-18)


Game #4

I’m stubborn, and I got graves again. Was against Ez-Taric, with Leona on my side. Didn’t lose our lane. Actually never even lost bot tower. It was back and forth for a bit and once we had 4 people bot, but still, we were always ahead. Our yi and zed were good also ,so we ended up taking a fair win.

It was: Graves, Zed, Leona, Maokai, Master Yi (AP Mid) vs Taric, Jax, Ezreal, Rumble, Lee Sin (Jungle)

Champ: Graves bot

My result: 5/5/11 10.9k 177cs @ 31:59

tl;dr : Was good enough ahead bot, other lanes won, won game

Elo: 1456 (+15)

Game #5

Was first pick, managed to get Shen! and it was fun as usual. Hard at the beginning, against Irelia, but it got better as the game went on. By 15 mins I was immortal. Helped lanes with my ult just enough to allow them to get ahead, our jungler was good aswell.

It was: Shen, Kayle, Jarvan (Jungle), Taric, Corki vs Caitlyn, Xin Zhao (jungle), Pantheon, Irelia, Blitzcrank

Champ: Shen top

My result: 6/2/12 9.8k 162cs @ 28:14

tl;dr : helped with my ults, won lane after getting sunfire cape

Elo: 1473 (+17)

Game #6

Got Ezreal, and oh boy how I like to play Ez. Had nunu support, was against Lulu-Graves. Was hard enough for the first few levels, obviously, but they were too cocky, we got a nice gank and that led into me getting 2 kills, which snowballed our lane, and we eventually zoned them. The rest of the team was good aswell and we all stomped.

It was: Ezreal, Maokai, Pantheon (mid), Darius, Nunu vs Cho’Gath, Lulu, Lux, Graves, Kha’Zix

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 6/0/10 10.9k 170cs @ 27:00

tl;dr : hard very early, won early, won game

Elo: 1493 (+20)

Game #7

Got Ezreal again, I like him again. Against ashe – blitz, with taric. Good enough, we had our trouble but we won the lane and was always good cs-wise. A couple trouble with their irelia, but we were okay in the end. Duo with Ariels, guy who had Lux in the previous match

It was: Ezreal, Elise, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Taric vs Lee Sin, Ashe, Irelia, Lux, Blitzcrank

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 11/5/7 15.6k 230cs @ 39.07

tl;dr : okay game, died a bit too much but nothing else

Elo: 1510 (+17)

Game #8

Got Tristana, wasn’t that good of a game, I did some bad plays and team well, never protected me in fights, so we lost our early lead, and we eventually lost the game as people got caught. Duo with Ariels again, but meh, not gonna duo again.

It was: Tristana, Nocturne, Kha’Zix, Rumble, Nunu vs Diana, Miss Fortune, Zyra, Irelia, Shaco

Champ: Tristana bot

My result: 7/7/9 13.3k 216cs @ 43.14

tl;dr : meh, I’m not good at tristana perhaps. many mistakes, plus team let them all dive on me

Elo: 1497 (-13)

Game #9

Got Irelia, had garen against, trashed him, killed him 1v1 even, was really easy. Except the rest of the team lost, I helped them win a teamfight early on, but still, when we ended our Ezreal ap mid had 109 cs. That kinda should explain it all. Wasn’t possible to carry.

It was: Irelia, Ezreal (ap mid), Ashe, Shyvana, Sona  vs Soraka, Kayle, Garen, Miss fortune, Darius (jungle)

Champ: Irelia top

My result: 10/9/11 12.8k 193cs @ 41.38

tl;dr : Won my lane, but rest of the team got stomped, couldn’t carry.

Elo: 1485 (+12)

Game #10

Got Jax to handle Irelia, it was alright. Died to ganks only, and after they camped. It was ok, our Ezreal carried

It was: Jax, Lulu, Vladimir, Ezreal, Sejuani  vs Jarvan IV, Ryze, Leona, Irelia, Miss Fortune

Champ: Jax top

My result: 2/3/9 10.2k 186cs @ 32.25

tl;dr : Lane alright, held irelia, kept up my farm, our ez won the game

Elo: 1496 (+11)

Game #11

Got Shen first pick! Against Darius.. they dove me lv2, was using the "bindel" masteries, and they’re not for me. Still, only gave away 2 kills, managed to keep up my farm, helped with my ults around, and it was decent enough. Our caitlyn was diamond though, and she stomped Ezral. Yeah.. there’s a huge difference.

It was: Shen, Caitlyn, Jarvan IV, Xerath, Janna  vs Ezreal, Darius, Thresh, Cho’Gath, Ryze

Champ: Shen top

My result: 2/3/12 11.1k 189cs @ 36.07

tl;dr : dive lv2 ruined my lane, but I kept up and helped my team

Elo: 1508 (+12)



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