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LoL League Journal Episode 1

Whoa, no more ELO?! Welcome to the League of Leagues!

So with the most recent patch, ELO has now become a hidden rating, and what you see are Leagues and League ratings, divisions and all that. What this actually means is that not much has changed, except after achieving a new "tier" you can’t actually get demoted, so it’s a positive boost to keep people playing even after they achieve their "high point". Not much else, same stuff as usual otherwise.

I was in the 1500s previously, and I guess that is now Silver League, as I got placed to Silver I. What it takes to get to Gold League is 100 points within my league, and then I’m supposed to win a Best of 5 series. If I do so, I’ll be promoted to Gold V.

Some games were pretty meh, some were stomps. Still, I’d like to think stomps were also thanks to me, and I’ve never performed "badly" even when we got stomped, so I’d like to think today was not a very lucky day, although it wasn’t the worst either. Still, hopefully it can get better.

Played 7 games, won 4, gained 49 League Points.


Game #1

I was singed against Vladimir, not the easiest lane but doable. I got ganked at first and he killed me, with both of them being very low. Second time he came right after I got back top. I still died, but Lee Sin was there this time to take advantage of it and got an assist. It got easy after that, as Kassadin also came top a couple times and we had easy kills. I farmed, disrupted their team, and it was an easy win.

It was: Leona, Singed, Lee Sin, Ezreal, Kassadin vs Thresh, Zed, Vladimir, Rammus, Caitlyn

Champ: Singed top

My result: 4/8/8 10.1k 191cs @ 33.11

tl;dr : Hard lane, thanks to jungler and mid we got really ahead and won

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 22 (+22)


Game #2

I got Ezreal, lane was hard as Elise was bot all the time, but still managed through it with a nice score. We were unable to engage teamfights though and eventually they just engaged once and won right away. Sad end ):

It was: Ezreal, Taric, Rumble, Nocturne, Katarina vs Elise, Lux, Thresh, Jayce, Graves

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 5/2/1 12.8k 293cs @ 40:17

tl;dr : Their jungler camped us, still got a good score, we couldn’t engage, they caught one of us and we lost.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 8 (-16)


Game #3

Was an easy lane. Had to play it safe for the numerous Maokai ganks, but was still easy. The rest of the team smashed too, so it was an eay win overall

It was: Miss Fortune, Morgana, Zed, Cho’Gath, Taric vs Leona, Katarina, Maokai, Ezreal, Darius

Champ: Miss Fortune bot

My result: 6/2/7 11.9k 196cs @ 31:34

tl;dr : Huge stomp on all fronts

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 33 (+23)


Game #4

Laning phase was ok, I got kills and stuff, we even won some teamfights, but eventually our team kept flaming and doing dumb stuff and we ended up losing the game after a bad teamfight.

It was: Tristana, Katarina, Ahri, Kha’Zix, Leona vs Taric, Vladimir, Akali, Xin Zhao, Miss Fortune

Champ: Tristana bot

My result: 9/3/8 13.2k 194cs @ 39:13

tl;dr : Lane was alright, rest of the team wasn’t.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 19 (-14)


Game #5

Got Ezreal, had to take some revenge after last game. It went pretty good. My Leona was good and it was a prettygood lane, with a stomp also everywhere else. Easy enough, we won

It was: Ezreal, Maokai, Riven, Leona, Kayle vs Nocturne, Caitlyn, yorick, Lux, Janna

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 17/2/13 15.9k 207cs @ 34:23

tl;dr : Stomped throughout them all

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 45 (+26)


Game #6

One good match, and one absolutely retarded. I guess that’s how it goes. Had to jungle, decided to pick Lee Sin. I didn’t even have time to go back once that our 3 lanes all had lost already. It was absolutely infernal, could never gank, only help lanes while they were running for their lives, and they just kept dying over and over. Everyone was just bad in a way I cannot even express ): I was the highest level in the team with more farm than our Ryze.

It was: Taric, Ryze. Rumble, Lee Sin, Miss Fortune vs Nidalee (mid), Zed, Ezreal, Lulu, Olaf

Champ: Lee sin Jungle

My result: 2/2/N.A.k 98cs @ 29:52

tl;dr : Every lane lost before my lv.4.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 27 (-18)


Game #7

Got Ezreal, they picked Miss Fortune and Taric. MF got first blood, I was lucky enough to get a kill myself soon after, though I had to blow flash. It was a pretty hard match, but I managed to get fed and not die much. Their lux was very good, but we’d win teamfights nonetheless and only her would survive. Eventually we managed to get her too. Pretty nice game, hard enough.

It was: Ezreal, Lulu, Amumu, Fizz, Singed vs Lux, Darius, Fiddlesticks, Taric, Miss Fortune

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 10/2/14 15.6k 295cs @ 45:10

tl;dr : Hard match, hard lane, but won, very nice game.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 49 (+22)



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