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LoL League Journal Episode 2

Gimme my Gold League! Puah Silver

I admit I had a really good streak today, managed to get to the Promotion series by winning them all in a row, and within the series I only lost one match. I am now Gold V!

Played 6 games, won 5, gained 51 League Points and won my Promotion Series to Golden winning 3 matches and losing one.

I am now in the Heimerdinger’s Colossi Gold V


Game #1

Got Singed, he counterpicked Darius. Not that hard of a lane, but it didn’t matter, as Xin ganked verywell 3 times, I killed Darius 3 times and my lane was hella won. Other lanes won heavily too, so we just walked over them. Very good jungler helped so much

It was: Singed, Xin Zhao, Graves, Swain, Taric vs Mordekaiser, Janna, Ashe, Darius, Lee Sin

Champ: Singed top

My result: 6/1/3 8.8k 178cs @ 25.33

tl;dr : Easy lane, good jungler helped me and I walked over Darius

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 74 (+25)


Game #2

Got Singed again, he picked Garen after. Lane was okay, I died once to 3 ganks within 15s, it was a bit too much, other than that it was hard at the beginning but I eventually outscaled him. During fights I did good, disrupted their damage and killed their assassins/carries. It got pretty hard at one point, but I managed to stay alive, outjuke them and kill them when I was left alone, this helped us win.

It was: Singed, Varus, Akali, Skarner, Leona vs Garen, Diana, Thresh, Zed, Miss Fortune

Champ: Singed top

My result: 10/4/16 16.6k 262cs @ 42.01

tl;dr : Lane not so easy, but managed to outscale Garen, was good in fights and even though it wasn’t an easy match, it’s a good win.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 95 (+21)


Game #3

Third time’s the charm? Singed again! Was against Renekton this time around, it was okay throughout the game, eventually outscaled him, managed to disrupt fights, killed people, team was alright too.

It was: Singed, Graves, Volibear, Leona, Darius vs Rammus, Renekton, Ezreal, Nidalee, Taric

Champ: Singed top

My result: 5/0/16 12.7k 233cs @ 34.36

tl;dr : alright lane, they couldn’t kill me even with 2 people trying, team picked up after a rough start.

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 100 (Qualified to Promotion Series)


Game #4

Their top was naughty and picked Elise, so I went with Yorick and proceeded to destroy her. The rest of the team was good and managed to grab a win

It was: Yorick, Xin Zhao, Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune, Janna vs Maokai, Elise, Annie, Taric, Ezreal

Champ: Yorick top

My result: 5/0/1 6.9k 122cs @ 20:27

tl;dr : Countered their top, rest of the team was good

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 100 (1 out of 5, 1 lost)


Game #5

Got Singed, was against.. weird people, Zed nunu at first, and with Shyvana’s ganks I still got kills, managed to farm etc and we won the lane by destroying tower early, too Oo nidalee was ad, it was.. just weird.

It was: Singed, Shyvana, Ezreal, Katarina, Taric vs Lee Sin, Cho’Gath, Zed, Nidalee, Nunu

Champ: Singed top

My result: 9/3/17 11.9k 149cs @ 30:04

tl;dr : Weird game.. trollgame, but won I guess

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls 100 (2 out of 5, 1 lost)


Game #6

There was a mix-up during the champion selection, I thought renekton wanted top, so I got zed, instead he wanted mid. Still, got Zed top which is not bad at all. Was against Udyr. Obviously early game I couldn’t match him, so I just kept my farm up. Got one gank which gave me one kill, kept farming, and we eventually stomped other lanes, I roamed, and got really fed. Made one suicidal mistake, but other than that easy game.

It was: Zed, Lee Sin, Renekton, Corki, Taric vs Udyr, Lux, Cho’Gath, Ezreal, Blitzcrank

Champ: Zed top

My result: 8/2/2 N.A.k 167cs @ 25:08

tl;dr : We pretty much stomped them

League: Silver I Gragas’s Owls promoted into Heimerdinger’s Colossi Gold V!

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