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LoL League Journal Episode 4

Poison is the way to the Leagues

So this was in a span of a couple days. I’ll get to spam more games now, trying to climb the ladder.

I still don’t understand fully how demotion works, as throughout this session I’ve been back to 0 points due to fingerless team-mates and dire circumstances, but even then I did not get demoted. I don’t want this to bite me in the ass later on for one reason or another. Still, I’ve managed to play some good games as Singed, I’m pretty happy the way it works with most match-ups. That one-time Zed keeps shining, it’s a wonder to play mid most of the times. Yorick has been so-so, and Ezreal has been sad, so sad ): I don’t understand what’s wrong, I play him the same as usual, perhaps the numerous nerfs plus the change of the meta made him a so-so pick right now. I was pretty good with Caitlyn, in fact, and I rarely ever use her. I’ll have to test it in normals and try to understand why it’s not working anymore.  Might be it’s just the teams, since they rarely, if ever, protect me.

Played 14 games, won 7, lost 7, gained 76 League Points

Game #1

I was First pick, so I thought I’d ban Singed’s most annoying match-ups and just go with it. Laning phase was alright, I completely zoned out Nidalee, out farmed, got kills, etc. We lost teamfights because well, I’m not even sure. Our backline was getting caught and smashed during fights, getting instagibbed, so there was never really time for us to do anything. We should’ve kept it small perhaps, with multiple little engages and split pushes, as their aoe teamfight capability was just too strong for us to match.

It was: Singed, Dr. Mundo, Syndra, Tristana, Leona vs Miss Fortune, Thresh, Xerath, Amumu, Nidalee

Champ: Singed top

My result: 8/4/5 12.4k 248cs @ 35.59

tl;dr : Won lane, lost all teamfights

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 0 (+0)


Game #2

Got Singed again, gotta like them surfers! Against Garen and a mostly physical team. It wasn’t as easy as it should have been, but our team was good, especially our Lee Sin, and we managed to pull through their weird team composition. Our draven was duo with taric, whom was Silver V, and I swear it was so noticeable. He almost threw the game single-handedly.

It was: Singed, Lee Sin, Draven, Twisted Fate, Taric vs Garen, Pantheon, Gangplank, Syndra, Zed

Champ: Singed top

My result: 3/2/8 11.4k 205cs @ 32.39

tl;dr : Won lane though not by too much, farmed, teamfights were favorable.

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 24 (+24)

Game #3

why would I not want to pick Singed? I do not know, it’s so fun. So I picked Singed, of course. Laning phase was okay, I was against Nidalee AP, our Rammus was good and got some kills and assists, roamed around, etc. Whole team got pretty fed so it was more like a stomp.

It was: Singed, Rammus, Vi, Tristana, Taric vs Leona, Anivia, Nidalee, Miss Fortune, Xin Zhao

Champ: Singed top

My result: 6/2/9 9.4k 164cs @ 25:53

tl;dr : We won every lane, good team, good jungler

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 54 (+21)


Game #4

I was unsure on who was gonna be top, but I thought Yorick would be a safe pick. And it was, except Volibear camped my lane as hard as he could, eventually netting one kill, which resulted in Akali snowballing, since Jarvan would totally ignore my lane and while Volibear camped, he would just run around the map, doing nothing. Not to fear, every otheer lane lost all the same, even if Volibear was busy pressuring me. Game was lost badly, and I couldn’t do anything at all. Sad experience, even worse experience were those players. Regardless, I should have accepted to be permanently zoned lv1 and should have gone back to get a ward. I would’ve been behind still, but I wouldn’t have died. Maybe it would have helped me, but it certainly wouldn’t have made a difference in the overall game. It’s not like I fed, other lanes just collapsed on their own :\

It was: meh

Champ: Yorick top

My result: 1/3/2

tl;dr : Worst team I could ever get.

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 31 (-23)


Game #5

Singed, against Jayce. It was fine, except all my deaths were from 3+ people on me. Still got his turret and outfarmed him, but my team never took advantage of 3 people top, never did anything, and they ultimately just got stomped in teamfights. Sad.

It was: Singed, Lulu, Caitlyn, Lee Sin, Cho’Gath vs Jarvan IV, Kassadin, Draven, Jayce, Taric

Champ: Singed top

My result: 3/7/4 10.7k 227cs @ 35:21

tl;dr : Sad game, clueless team-mates

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 16 (-15)


Game #6

Guess some days are not meant to be. Went mid against Lux as Singed , as elise was a hard match up. And well, we lost almost anywhere. My lane was fine, I helped others, but it was never enough. ): Next loss is demotion loss :<

It was: Singed, Nidalee, Xin Zhao, Alistar, Ezreal vs Leona, Elise, Miss Fortune, Lee Sin, Lux

Champ: Singed top

My result: 6/4/8 9k 130cs @ 30:09

tl;dr : Sad game, clueless team-mates

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 0 (-16)


Game #7

Seems like today is not my day. Yorick, bad lane, ganked lots, died lots, just meh..

It was: Yorick, Jarvan IV, Annie, Ezreal, Taric vs Nunu, Hecarim, Kha’Zix, Kayle, Caitlyn

Champ: Yorick top

My result: 1/5/5 7k 143cs @ 29:58

tl;dr : Sad game ):

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 0 (+0)


Game #8

Got Singed. Lane was hard enough, died once to a beefy Jayce. I managed to really outscale him though as he did Tear, giving me time to catch up. They dove, I killed one and survived, almost killed both, and from there on I just farmed, grabbed kills anywhere, and farmed. Our bot lane was good, our jungler too, their bot lane was terrible. Our mid wasn’t that great, he died a lot, but they had far worst players, for once.

It was: Singed, Jarvan IV, Corki, Zed, Leona vs Xin Zhao, Graves, Ahri, Taric, Jayce

Champ: Singed top

My result: 9/1/8 11.1k 185cs @ 28:06

tl;dr : Solid lane, farmed, outscaled and good team

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 22 (+22)


Game #9

Got Singed again, against Jayce again. This time I completely outplayed and outscaled him. He couldn’t do anything, and our whole team was pretty decent. All lanes won, I helped when I could by roaming and grabbing some kills otherwise lost. But I could only do that because Jayce was pretty useless, so I guess whatever impact I had on other lanes, was because I was much better, which some other times I can’t manage to be.

It was: Singed, LeBlanc, Miss Fortune, Jarvan IV, Leona vs Draven, Nocturne, Nidalee, Thresh, Jayce

Champ: Singed top

My result: 5/0/3 11.2k 228cs @ 29:01

tl;dr : Solid lane, farmed, outscaled and good team

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 46 (+24)


Game #10

This time they all wanted top, so I went mid instead. Picked Zed, didn’t know the matchup against Lux, but it didn’t concern much. Zed has to roam, and so I did and picked up lots of kills though I gave up first blood during their lv1 invade. I knew I could combo lux eventually as she’s squishy, so I figured it’s a good enough matchup. Picked kills through bot and mid ganks and counterganks, got fed, and helped the whole team get fed aswell.

It was: Zed, Jax, Xin Zhao, Sivir, Taric vs Lux, Ashe, Garen, Vi, Sona

Champ: Zed mid

My result: 15/6/6 14,2k 168cs @ 30:04

tl;dr : Managed to grab kills, got fed, we stomped

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 72 (+26)


Game #11

They wanted all lanes, so I went bot Ezreal. Lane was bad, Taric suicided and had me die, AP Tryndamere was fed, and it was a lost game. We catched up, but then we decided to throw it for some reason. I don’t know what to say, sad game. Plus we had no help bot throughout the whole laning phase, so I had a hard time managing their ganks aswell. Meh.

It was: Ezreal, Jax, Kayle, Lee Sin, Taric vs Sivir, Tryndamere, Jarvan IV, Sona, Katarina

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 1/6/7 10.6k 194cs @ 39:02

tl;dr : Meh game, just bad teamwork

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 52 (-20)


Game #12

I barely ever play Caitlyn, but they picked Draven, I had to AD, so I was like "uhm.. what do I do?". It turned out to be a great pick. Taric made me die a bit as he’d stun Leona rather than Draven, but even then I managed to outfarm and get some kills around the map. They had Zed, so I made Randuin’s Omen after Last Whisper, and I can say it helped me survive so many times, I’m really happy about it. It was a hard game, but good, we had good fights, we tossed some, but we managed not to throw the game.

It was: Caitlyn, Shen, Singed, Kassadin, Taric vs Leona, Draven, Zed, Hecarim, Lux

Champ: Caitlyn bot

My result: 12/4/16 19k 318cs @ 47:31

tl;dr : Hard game, but well played

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 72 (+20)


Game #13

AD, got Ez, lane was okay, except during fights there was always a huge Lee Sin on me, their Nidalee was throwing crazy spears and our team would just melt. Couldn’t do anything, sad.

It was: Ezreal, Elise, Rumble, Taric, Maokai vs Kayle, Zyra, Nidalee, Graves, Lee Sin

Champ: Ezreal bot

My result: 4/3/3 9k 191cs @ 32:28

tl;dr : Other lanes snowballed and I couldn’t do anything

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 54 (-18)


Game #14

Was first pick, banned Singed’s annoying Elise and Kayle, picked Singed, ran around, outfarmed but died a bit to multiple ganks, still got plenty of assists, rest of the team did their own stuff, we won.

It was: Singed, Jarvan IV, Caitlyn, Janna, Amumu vs Karthus, Irelia, Xin Zhao, Thresh, Miss Fortune

Champ: Singed top

My result: 0/2/4 6.2k 137cs @ 20:21

tl;dr : Their team fell apart, we won every lane

League: Gold III Heimerdinger’s Colossi 76 (+22)



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