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My Art

Do you like my image?

I believe it explains my point very well if you manage to understand what my paint skills managed to do.
No, eh? Fine, you don’t need to laugh, I’ll see to it for you to burn in your afterlife anyway.

Alright, let me attach a text to it

I’ve never appreciated art much. I used to think it pointless. Exactly, I also meant to write “without a point to it”, which, you know, means exactly the same as pointless. So I won’t say that, even if it seems like I did. No.

Back to art. In time, I have come to appreciate a wider vision of it, not just a drawing, a sound, a sculpture, a text. Part of it is just how we express ourselves, how we represent our thoughts and emotions, but that’s not all it is.

Art is the ability through medium and practical art forms to make us feel something, to tell a story that will make us at the receiving end feel emotions, thoughts, something that inspires us.

It’s not just about the medium used in and by itself, but what it wants to tell us and where it leads us, what it makes us feel.

Now, that does not mean anything that makes us feel something is art. To me, Art is not just when we have a message and it is conveyed through a practical art medium/form. That does not make the message intelligent, clever or even cool, nor worth sharing.

Which means that it’s also about the message. What you’re telling, what you’re saying. Art represents the way you say what you want to say, but in order for it to mean something, for it to be ART, to make you feel something worthwhile, the message also has to be worthwhile.

You could listen to Aerith’s Theme..


Or this, from Distant Worlds III


and a pletora of others, but in and by itself it would mean nothing to you. If you understand the message and context though, you could even shed a tear.
I’ve only cited videogames, but they’re rightfully art even if some ignorant villagers (Away! Away! cough Ahem, too much Bloodborne.) still have to realize so. Not all of them of course, but some are, just like some movies are, not all of them. I’ll expand upon it one day, I guess.

A beautiful message expressed through well executed fitting mediums is what I would call art.

It’s interesting and humbling to think some people are able to conceive and provide us something like that.

A lot of people abuse this in order to get easy money, to manipulate, to share pain thus making others feel miserable, but that is not the current point and I am not talking on how to use and abuse art and its power, I’m trying to give a rough definition for what I feel art is.

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