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My First Ghost Post

Well, that’s the header

I am tired of PHP. I was 13 when I did my first include, it was glorious, PHP went on a rampage yet I was never convinced.

This is smaller?

I quite like this approach so far, and it seems to be working very well, so here I am trying out this node.js thing, knowing full well it does not currently have some capabilities I might want.

so many headers

We will see if I can make do without them or if they’re actually –needed-.

I quite like this markdown such as bold, it makes for a seamless writing without having to click down everything all the time.

It also does not require you to stop and go back, once you get the few keys down.

At any rate, “hello“.

Now let’s try to convert my blog if that’s possible at all. It’s quite full of crap. Literally.

If anything, I would very much like to patch up makeshift websites useful as a starting point for my Discourse install.

How about images though? That is my main concern right now, I will have to see it through.

I’ll have to think this through, but so far, so good.



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