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The Big Cubist Mosaic

Note: This is not over yet! *

This right here is not my point. That is a picture of different people expressing the same way, perhaps for different reasons.

So forget this!

Life is a cubist dancing on the cube with the GameCube.

Some people call it the big picture. I believe they’re egocentrically wrong.
You cannot call anything that involves more than a person a simple “picture”, as it implies one point of view. With each and every person, you have a different point of view.
So anything involving more than one person, which is virtually everything, follows the lines of cubism, in a confused mosaic. That’s because each person has their own distorted point of view, their own priorities and lines of thought.
I call it distorted, but it means it’s one own’s view of an utopistic image, subjective to one own’s ideas and thoughts.
In the world we live in, we do not see actual images, or facts. Every person has their interpretation.
What we do see is the result of our filters applied to a certain factual snapshot we unfortunately can never objectively see.

We can only play with our brain’s post-processing results, never with raw/original material (my nerd lingo is just amazing, praise me and the sun!).

As such, our thoughts, point of view and interests all represent a little variabily distorted cube out of a big picture and sometimes one cube is similar to another’s little cube and has a part in common, whereas others’ little cubes are very far in both interests and thoughts, so there’s nothing in common with our own cube.

It’s a mess, it’s hard to understand, difficult to interpret and could easily feel rubbish.
But there’s actual sense into it and by embracing this thought and viewing life interactions and objectives as a cubist mosaic rather than just pictures, it broadens our view in a way we never could even imagine.

I’m a human hence I refuse to accept what I don’t understand. I also refuse to understand what I don’t understand.

Now with a bit of a rant. Rant is good! sometimes.

I often see narrow minded people with just their view in mind proceeding to complain and filter everything only through their view. They build hysterically wrong point of views because it’s as if everything and everyone is their clone, and all their interests are the same, so they feel wronged or they do not understand how other views are there, they cannot even grasp why they’re possible at all.

That’s quite expected, as when given the chance to see how small and puny we humans are and understand we just filter reality through our own eyes without considering other sets of eyes and completely different brains (for better or for worse), we wholly refuse it, we also get mad and throw lemons at life’s house. The answer is generally along the lines of “ugachaga” with a few “you’re boring” “this is too complicated” “I don’t understand” “BUT THEY’RE WRONG, THEY ALL BRUTALIZE ME AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME, WHEEEE” inbetween, and plenty arguments, as we’re unable to temporarily detach ourselves from our own singular view.

Obviously our own position is the most important to us and that is how it should be, but by understanding the position and thought processes of other people, we can better figure out how to handle ourselves in order to achieve our objective, whatever that could be.
Note: Even being able to help others is an objective, and fundamental understanding of each of our differences is necessary in order to achieve it. Unfortunately, that kind of expression gives a bad vibe, when none is intended

Those who manipulate people have a little more practical understanding of the subject, even though they usually have only one or few ways through which they can manipulate, so it only preys upon certain categories of targets, and they do not care to progress further than that.

So, in short, welcome to life, the big real-life cubist mosaic we will never really properly be able to admire, with a stunning amount of variation and differences, where we all are blind fools!.

P.S. I actually don’t like cubism

NOTE: I HATE CUBISM ART, IT’S SO MESSY! I believe that explains the aforementioned point of the most common complaint, too. I never really got into it and tried to understand it, so the shallow experience gave me the same feeling most people get out of anything concerning life, thoughts, point of views and understanding. Heh, interesting, indeed.

Work in progress

I’m about to leave for a few days and I really wanted to get this food for thought out beforehand. I want to revisit it in a few days and work it out differently, I believe I can express it in a better way, plus I strongly believe time helps a lot in refining thoughts. I don’t think there’s risk of anyone reading this, but you never know. Expect the unexpected, so the expected can punch you in the face instead (cit. famous unknown).



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