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The Certainty Uncertaintation

I have a very fervid and overly complicated mind.

After watching the mediocre Hunger Games 3 – 1 (mediocre for various reasosn, spawned from a good idea) I began to wonder how people need beacons in order to focus their will onto something, anything, to accomplish what otherwise would not be possible. Whatever that specific something is.

To take a broad approach, we often lack the required will to do something, and that’s more often than not all we lack, the only obstacle between us and our objective (though other times we have no will because our objective is not clear, too).

That said, I blblbblblb’d a bit and my brain directed itself to something more at the root of our beliefs, which is kinda unrelated, but I found the overall thought process interesting.

We all need certainties, we need some pillars through which we can build our own personality, principles, to help define who we are and what we do, and that’s all good.

The issue lies in our pillars themselves though. When (and I say when, not if) something happens that would otherwise have us rethink one of our pillars, one of our certainties, we are at the very least reluctant, but more often than not we openly refuse to. We may even know our belief is not correct and should be evalued under a new light or point of view, but sometimes we’re still adamant, we just can’t do it.

This leads us to losing control over our own self, which can easily snowball in whatever bad way overtime.

We refuse to re-evaluate pillars because we’ve used them as if they were completely reliable and by changing them, there would be a snowball effect on everything we’ve built upon it. It may often be a very hard change, if not almost impossible. (Just think about somebody re-evaluating their religious faith under a different point of view. It could easily change their whole life).

And that’s our grave mistake right there. Certainties should never be considered infallible and there cannot be a 100% reliability expectation, we are just far too ignorant to allow our thoughts to be exactly correct at any given time. Current certainties should support us in building our own personality, in expanding and allowing us to live by our own beliefs and principles, but we should not be so dependant on them that they force us to refuse change.

Change is a way to evolve, to better ourselves, and in order to do so, we cannot allow any such certainties to refrain us. What’s certain today might be different tomorrow, and we cannot allow our own self-built structures to restrict us when they should instead help us improve and expand.

They’re pillars, not cages, and what fear of the unknown we have should have us proceed with caution, not refuse to proceed at all!

So, I will need to remember this next time somebody asks me to use a Mac/Apple products, rather than just laugh my ass off. I mean, I will re-evaluate, maybe even try it and get back to my usual setups afterwards, but I will have to evaluate first, it’s important not to underestimate anything!

a tl;dr could be: Through humility, you listen, through experience, you filter, through intelligence, you learn.

That sounds so cool, doesn’t it? Perhaps not. Oh well.



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