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The smoky interest contemplation

So, today I got to notice perhaps for the first time something that happens so often we just take it for granted, note when it happens and move on.

It’s the turning point in a conversation between multiple people, when you know you’ve just gone invisible towards most everyone else.

I never properly noticed and understood it, it always felt like a lingering thought, the one you know is there but you can’t really pin-point and understand.

Going backwards, I’ve seen it happen very often, usually when the person doesn’t feel “right” within that certain crowd or because they’re insecure and don’t feel good about themselves, or perhaps they’re just nervous or, for whatever reason, they’re just not being themselves. Doesn’t matter if it’s because they can’t, won’t or just don’t feel like it.

It usually leads to either little small talk or a goofy behaviour on their part, which also ends up resulting in them being underestimated, shrugged off as uninteresting and flat to the ever unobserving and shallow eye.

After all, how many people do really look instead of just pretending and falling for whatever shiny object catches their eyes?

I would say very few, if any.

Obviously, to go unnoticed is quite different than from conducting the show, where every eye is on you, although it’s always all about tricks. It’s a show, after all, so whoever chooses to conduct it understands rules and tricks in order to perform well. It’s more to “catch” interest, less about honesty.

If it’s so shiny it means there’s always a shadow to it, which is where the people I’ve been talking about hide, unnoticed.

That’s kinda sad, because they’re often the actually good ones, without tricks and shows, just plain nice and good people.

In my experience, this kind of people are almost always positive and reliable, the ones you appreciate having around, too bad many people don’t really see it and they’re hard to spot.

I can’t really see any elegant way to solve the issue, as if one were to make any sort of fuss, they’d be actually the ones stealing the show, which just gives them a different position, but does not solve anything.

Can’t also blame people for looking at the shinies and smoke, as it makes kinda difficult to look around for anything else.

Nor can you blame the one doing the show, as it’s most effective, so why would one not do it?

I’ll have to think about it further, it’s a pretty interesting conundrum for an especially common occurrence during social interactions within different situations and environments.

Why am I writing here? Because nobody reads it and it’s some sort of a journal for my experiments and observations. So if you’re reading and you’re not me, you might as well stop. If you’re future me, I hope you’re satisfied by past you (present me)’s thoughts and reasonings.



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