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The Snowball Effect

The snowball effect, something you don’t expect and consider a minor issue, and voila, it’s all of a sudden your most terrible enemy.

This one venerable skill available to Murphy is the amazing “Snowball Effect“. I’ll bet it has happened to anyone to some extent. How many times have you ever been like “uh, that’s nothing, it’ll be no problem!” and that little problem/person managed to wreck you HARD before you could even sayschnofflepopple“?
Uh? Never? I don’t believe you!
It happens all the time! When you’re like “pfeh, coats are for girls”, you proceed to go outside half naked during a storm and then you’re sick the very day of the journey you’d been looking towards for the past 21 years. You thought it was nothing! Well, nothing bites. HARD.

Jokes aside, this is one of the best moves at Murphy’s disposal, as you will underestimate its real value until it has triggered many events and you cannot stop it anymore.

Nowadays whenever I feel like I could ignore something because it does not appear to be a threatening issue, I actually focus it as a priority, I don’t want to be bitten >o

This has been a very important life lesson, and I am sure it has been understood by anybody who might have read my piece. Peace.

Ah, it’s almost 2015. Nothing can pre– no, I won’t do that. Happy 2015!


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