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You really should pick yourself up.. right?

So everything crumbles and you’re back to scratch, as it happens to anybody at some point in life. What matters is how you pick yourself up, right?

Right. So you don’t turn to religion, nor any other fanatical belief or thought, as most people do. Can’t blame them, it’s easy, even if it robs us of, well.. any resemblance of mind and soul. But still, it’s the easy way up, so it’s only obvious most people accept it when poop hits the fan and the whole room gets poopy and smelly.

Except sometimes somebody doesn’t do any of that, because they feel edgy and they do it themselves, perhaps with a little help of some close people, who don’t really understand, but are still there.

So you pick yourself up, it takes you far longer than it does the easy way, but that’s obvious, it’s not the easy way. You’ve gained some perspective in the meanwhile, a decent balance and some good ways to handle problems. After all, it wasn’t for nothing, or it would be the pointlessly pointless hard way.

So it’s all fun and cookies once you’re back up, right?

No, because most of the people chose the easy way, remember? So you’re out of sync and you’re really out of place, far more than you ever were before.

You could say “Well, not everybody follows the easy way, right?” and of course, but those who decide to pick themselves up on their own turn out differently, they were not following the usual path, so even between themselves there are lots of differences, so it’s not helpful in feeling “in-sync”, as they each reach their balance in a different manner, with a different line of thought and principles (those who do reach a balance, anyway, some are lost in the woods, along with Simba and the happy bear. And the panther).

So while you did do a grrrrreeaat job,  you’re just a weirdo and all you worked for managed to get you even more lonely/displaced.

How do you move after that? Depending on what you might want, there might not even be anything for you to do, and you’re just stuck this way.

I mean, you could conquer the world, but if you just want to chill and have some fine company with you, you’re not gonna have an easy time there. It would be easier to just conquer everything. Hmm, that’s not a bad idea. scrib

You can tell yourself to pick the easy way in your next life.

Carefree, not a real worry (you do make up some bullshit, but that’s really to keep yourself busy), also because you’re unable to develop any thought on your own except for those implanted to you by the life-train, which only offers minor choices, just to let you breathe some free air and allow you to think you’ve got some kind of control.

But still, it’s the happy way, as you’re unable to perceive what’s wrong and you’ve got lots of people following your same (un)development. Although those in it do not perceive happiness because they let themselves be bothered by the little things. Eeeh! Let’s call it the thoughtlessly unhappy happy way. Yes, I like it.

To be fair, it’s not that you get smarter and everyone else is dumb, not at all. It’s just as if you were to speak Chinese to an Italian person without any Chinese knowledge. You might find the odd guy understanding a bit every now and then, but it’s very rare to find properly speaking Chinese people anywhere that’s not China. So yeah, it’s just inconvenient and at times sad, I guess, but short of finding a place where you don’t feel the oddity odd, there’s not much else.



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