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My First Ghost Post

Well, that’s the header I am tired of PHP. I was 13 when I did my first include, it was glorious, PHP went on a rampage yet I was never convinced. This is smaller? I quite like this approach so far, and it seems to be working very well, so


Why Final Fantasy XIV is a GOOD MMORPG

I do not want to delve too much into technical/gameplay details here, I want to focus on a different view. What I want to talk about is how FFXIV is coming out to be the first sane and quality WoW alternative ever since WoW swept the ground and literally killed


Fishing is love, fishing is life.

It had come to a point where I would play Final Fantasy XIV only during raid time, and while it was fun enough, learning patterns is excruciating and painful. Then I discovered Fishing and my life changed. Within 2 days I was 50 FSH and I catched up on 2-3

The Snowball Effect

The snowball effect, something you don’t expect and consider a minor issue, and voila, it’s all of a sudden your most terrible enemy. This one venerable skill available to Murphy is the amazing “Snowball Effect“. I’ll bet it has happened to anyone to some extent. How many times have you ever

The Certainty Uncertaintation

I have a very fervid and overly complicated mind. After watching the mediocre Hunger Games 3 – 1 (mediocre for various reasosn, spawned from a good idea) I began to wonder how people need beacons in order to focus their will onto something, anything, to accomplish what otherwise would not


4 Buzzurri a Lucca, Il Viaggio Sviaggiante

O meglio, 3+1 perché un pezzente ha ben deciso (giustamente) di prendere il treno. Tutto inizia con un viaggio sviaggiante, non sfiancante, molto di più. Okay, avevo scritto tantissimo, fiumi e fiumi di parole. Persi. Un attimo che impreco e bestemmio. A proposito: se siete di stomaco leggero, avete pali